Our Philosophy

Sharina & Alan

Our founders started their journey as two individuals who were concerned with their own consumption and the impact it had on the environment. From recycling everyday objects to sourcing locally made products, they realised the leap to a less wasteful lifestyle was not as difficult as they thought. With this newfound passion, they were motivated to do their part for the environment and help others incorporate waste conscious practices in their everyday life. Starkers was then born!

Starkers hopes to blaze the trail in Johor Bahru by serving as your launching pad into a zero-waste lifestyle. Here, whether you would like to start with a simple metal straw or exclusively shop for goods without packaging, all are welcome and we are excited to help you on this new journey. We promise quality product and a community that cares.

A Message From Sharina

It has been my ambition for some time to promote zero waste so what better way than to open up a store where we can put into practice the principles for a sustainable planet. I began researching the available products with a view to building good relationships with my suppliers and focusing on local products where the quality is high to reduce the transportation costs of our products as much as possible. 

We will still serve coffee and cakes and some savoury options that those customers from Bakers Garden will recall. I’ve had so many requests from my previous customers and I wanted to satisfy their requests but take the concept further. At this stage we have a growing range of products that vary from superior quality items not readily available within JB such as the chocolate and hand-made pasta to everyday items at prices that are competitive with the supermarkets such as the fruit and nuts and baking goods.


So I invite you to come and see the shop, have a look around. Let us know what you think. If there are products which we don’t yet stock, let us know and if there is enough demand we will be happy to extend our range. Feel free to linger over a coffee and chat with your friends. We are a friendly air-conditioned option for a relaxing break in your day.

Hope to see you soon.


Organic and

Local Producers

We care about our community and we want to highlight their amazing products. We don't compromise on quality but we would like to ditch those carbon emissions on importing produce.

Buy as Much

as You Need

The Zero Waste philosophy is not just about ditching one-time packaging, it's about consuming within your needs. Let's aim to eat more and throw less!

We Have One Planet.
Let's Love It

More than one million plastic bags are used worldwide every minute. Imagine how tides would turn if each of us swapped to tote bags for our shopping. Every individual has a part to play to help reduce waste. It's cliche, but it's true. 

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