Our Pantry

Here is a taste of some of the products we offer
Handmade Pasta

Locally sourced, handmade and organic. Also contains 50% vegetable fibre. The best part is, you can understand all the ingredients listed. 

Jute & Polyester Bags

Recycled and upcycled fashion statements from ShopHoward in Penang. The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries today. What better way to do our part than with these amazing repurposed bags.

Bamboo Toilet Roll and Facial Tissue

Gentle bamboo fibres for everyday use. Sourced from Bambooloo. The brand was found by a fellow nature-lover, infuriated by the impact of one-time use plastics. We are proud to say that we are the only shop in Malaysia who carry them!

Cold Pressed Pineapple Juice

Made by our friends at Nictar Pineapple House, a local pineapple farm in Pekan Nenas.  No nonsense added of course. Their farm is also open to visitors to learn about nature, ecology and farming activities.

Dehydrated Fruit

Handmade and homemade with no added sugar. Great for baking or guilt-free snacking.


Hand mould, and hand cut. Cocoa beans sourced from indigenous farmers and brought to life by Chocolate Concierge, a local chocolatier. Along with producing amazing and sustainable products, they are passionate about aboriginal welfare and the environment.

Cocoa Powder

Locally sourced by a small producer, this quality cocoa can be used in your baking or to make a mouth-watering cup of hot chocolate. Because local is always better.


Raw and filled with amazing active agents. Sourced from a sustainable bee farm in Kempas. An amazing alternative to enjoying your sweet drink without threatening an entire species population. 


Large range available for all your baking and cooking needs. Regular and of course, gluten free. 

Masarang Brown Sugar

A healthier and more sustainable one-to-one replacement for molasses, brown and black sugar from Sulawesi.

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